The Lowdown on the Up-do for 2013

We’ve put together some fanciful hair ideas for your special day!  We have to say that Pinterest is probably the best place in the world to find inspiration.  So your eyes don’t feel like they’ve melted into your iPad, we’ve filtered through and picked the best out of what felt like a BILLION.  Here’s a thought:  what about wearing your hair half up, half down?  Your stylist can show you how to work certain styles into an up-do if the summer months put you at risk for a sweaty hair shirt.  You need to look just as elegant cutting a rug on the dance floor as you do walking down that isle!

Fringe Benefits

Understanding Oil

Some of you have heard your stylist or someone you know say, ”I haven’t washed my hair in three days,” and it looks shiny, textured, and healthy.  It is in no way showing signs of grime or grunge.  How can this be?  After one day of no shampoo, you have the hair of a hormonal teenager.  Even for those who have oily skin, it IS possible to overcome the oil overload. with dignity and no embarrassing bed-head.


Why is it good to shampoo less?  With the combination of hot water and frequent washing, your skin feels the effects even if you’re using an ultra-hydrating shampoo/conditioner combo. Just think of when your face gets dry in the winter time, your scalp is going through the same thing! Therefore, giving your hair a break will help keep your scalp and hair moisturized; it’s a win-win. Another thing to appreciate: after you’ve made it through a couple days, cleansing will feel amaaaaazing.

Things to consider:

 1.  Hair color conservation – frequent washing strips your hair of not only it’s natural oils, but your hair color!  Use Color Depositing Shampoos and Conditioners in between color services.  There are some for highlights as well!  Purple Shampoos like Shimmer Lights is easy to find while Davines has a wonderful color line but a little more expensive.

2.  Dry Shampoo has overthrown the “wash hair in the sink” routine – FINALLY you can buy them anywhere.  For those with oily skin, you’re in luck.  What also works great are texturizing sprays and adding a little volume amps up just about any style.

 3.  Work with your own schedule – do you wake up in the morning with perfect hair but by the time you get to work you’ve got the dreaded dreads?  Shower at night so your hair has a little oil but not as much.

4.  Attention Future Brides!  Hair is easier to manage, style, tame, and there’s less frizz when it’s a little on the greasy side.  Get a little dirty before your wedding night!

5.  Conditioners are great and in my own opinion, necessary!  If you’re a product and blow-drying queen, exposed to extreme weather, or basically breathe on a daily basis, you probably could use something a little more fortifying like a Protein Masque.  Protein is the key component for adding nutrients.  The best one so far:  Masque Architecte.  That’s all you need to know!

Hair Peace of the Sixties

 I am in love.  From Zoey Deschanel (who has been rocking the Boho Bangs for a while), to Edie Campbell for Burberry, I am inspired by the elegant subtlety of it’s charming resurrection.  Not only has it made its way to the runways once more, but it’s a simple look anyone can manage.



















Your Bridal Path to “Down-Do’s”

Weddings, weddings ladies!  My first time as a bridesmaid was this past summer and I didn’t have my dress until a week before.  Not knowing what your hair should wear is like not having shoes.  Whatever the schedule may be,  looking for up-do’s for your big day is something easy to glance at when you’re in between other tasks and making lists.  If you’re feeling rebellious, why not try a simple style with your half-up or all the way down with some loose curls?  Summer may be sweaty so keep some pins in your purse, and if you’re cutting a rug and feel the need to raise that mop up, pull it to the side in a low bun or tousled braid.  Not on a Rodarte budget?  Visit your local craft store and make your own hair accessory… great idea for a bridesmaid get together!



Rant: Hairstyle Magazines are more like collages of hideous yearbook pictures

The following is my personal attempt at purchasing the above said item: I take a look at some of the cover photos and make sure to study every single publication. As I glance at the top shelf I say to myself, “Oh look, Blake Lively has a gorgeous Strawberry-blonde hair color, a long layered wispy cut with sweeping, angled bangs. I’ll bring the so-beautiful-it’s-sickening- Ryan Reynolds-stealing-b**** with me to my next salon visit.” I proceed to pick up the magazine to flip through. There are a couple semi-large photographs of other intriguing celebrity cuts and colors, (after the advertisements) which seem pretty promising. But wait, what are these oddly discolored, extra-terrestrial choppy, poor quality photos of hair tainting the majority of this book of deception?








I understand hair as an artistic medium but how many of us can and want to sport a do’ that resembles a dinosaur or even your child’s construction paper project? This is not to say every photo in hair magazines are impractical. Perhaps many of us simply refer to the typical fashion magazines when searching for inspiration. With that said, where can one find a “database” for every look in the book?


A Box of Goodies

Here’s one of my absolute favorites. It has just about any hair color under the sun, and they’re mostly posted with “before” and “after” photos. Hair color guru of Los Angeles Johnny Ramirez documents his transformations quite vividly with 360 degree shots. Thinking of going Ombré? This is THE place for it. On the left side of the page you can scroll and click on a large number of hues allowing you to browse and save as many as you need for your hair mood board.

The Cut, Uncut
This site gives you the latest in celebrity style trends, but what’s so convenient is that you can look at many styles of the same celeb, making it more accessible to examine your favorite famous hair.

RAVE: The Dish on Beautylish

This site is the ultimate package deal. First of all, it’s like a   Pinterest for everything beauty; hence its name. It has video tutorials. It has hair, nails, and make-up tips that cover all aspects of the beauty trade. For when you have a little time to spare, there are some very useful articles including product reviews and tips on trends. The site is clean, and browser friendly; the list goes on! One more thing: there’s also an app. You’re welcome!


SITUATION: Your outdated hair looks more like a pet

I remember as a child my mother convincing me feathered bangs were the latest trend. What she didn’t realize is that she was about to make a lasting psychological imprint on my self-image. I was in Kindergarten. One trip to Wal-Mart for some cheap family photos with a haircut that made me look slightly neurotic. Now I have this to haunt me:

This photograph should be studied or submitted to Awkward Family Photos. Have you ever considered whether you style your hair the same way you did twenty years ago? For some people, this is still beneficial. The 70’s boho is among a few looks that are still deemed acceptable and sexy, but what about the “trends” that will and should never come back? Our situation this week is the Aqua-Net Bangs. They’re still around! There must be some unwritten rule that when these species are spotted, one must tackle the carrier and spritz them with water, straighten, and then hold down until air-dry. How can you modernize a hair tradition, something you’re so attached to? First off, there are SO many ways to wear fringe. Angled, blunt, side-part, middle part, long, you name it. At your next hair appointment, have your stylist point out how your original style is cut while wet. He or she may have some very looks that are low maintenance, subtle, and hip. There are ways to alter something without drastically changing it. For example, instead of dousing your entire head, floor, mirror, and cat with aerosol, let those locks hang loose with some light product!

Halloween Highlights

October is the month where a lot of change happens.  You realize there’s not even a slim chance of comfortably sitting on the beach with your arms exposed in attempt to catch the last few warm rays of summer.  It’s also the month before holiday havoc commences. This may typically mean excessive errands, credit cards, crazy in-laws, and vodka.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  We still have Halloween!  For those of you who are in need of a last minute costume idea, try starting with a hair style that you love but wouldn’t typically wear on a daily basis.  Here are some pretty gals posing with their iconic hair do’s.   Find your costume at a thrift store and have a few extra bucks?  Call your stylist and inquire about special event styling!



RANT: Mrs. Not so Nice’N'Easy

It was to my great surprise to find there is actually a salon titled, “Curl Up and Dye.” The one I saw was somewhere in Florida.  Although there are many other moderately hilarious and slightly confusing business names , i.e; “T&A Seafood” or “The Kid Exchange,”  it was  a little morbid to Google “Curl Up and Dye” and find more than one. Now this is precisely what your stylist wants to do when you tell them you’ve been previously using a cute-little-eight-dollar-chemistry-kit-of-satan.

Their reaction may not be so extreme, but drug store hair dye can be an issue.   It’s good to know what you’re really doing, and what complications can arise when going for your color service post-box of blasphemy. Why is it an issue?

First of all, when youʼve colored your hair to the point of no return,you may have no choice but to seek professional help. If this does happen, write down exactly what you used and your stylist may have an idea of what he or she is working with.  Also, some “over the counter” products may contain metallic or vegetable-based dyes.  This can cause your new color to turn an unexpected hue.

Ever notice how boxes don’t tell you what level of developer is included?  That’s because these companies want the hair color to work on all types of hair, therefore it’s usually a stronger volume.  If your roots are a little wild, ask your stylist before you indulge in the dye yourself.

RAVE:Hair Rats?

They sound pretty creepy but they produce a look that is quite the opposite.  Used for centuries, hair rats helped create the illusion of extra hair within the updo. Those sneaky little rats were so natural looking because, well, they were.

Before they were made of fabric and other synthetic material, women used to save the hair from their brushes, roll it into a rat-like rod, and place accordingly.  Her hair would then be tucked and pinned around the rat to form a fuller bun, bouffant, Bettie Page, or set of liberty rolls.

SITUATIONS: Saying you “overslept” sounds better than you “slept late”

Has staying up late during the work week caused you to jump out of bed after the third or fourth snooze? Do you find yourself finally gaining full consciousness halfway through your shower regime?  Running late can be a job in itself.  For those of you who have never been late for an event in your life (they do exist), I commend you.  Perhaps you’d like to have a few extra moments enjoying your entire cup of coffee instead of a half hour on your hair, or you’re hungover from Tuesday night trivia, there is a way to make your hair look delicious by doing close to nothing.  Shampoo and condition your hair then gently sop up as much moisture as possible (paper towels or a dry hand towel will do the trick).  The best part?  Don’t even brush it!  Use your normal styling product; mousse, cream, gel, etc.  Rub some in your finger tips and palms and scrunch it up, girlfriend.  Polish off your textured do’ with  Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray.



















About 75% of women in the United States alone either bleach or color their strands, according to Hair Boutique Statistics, which means just as many have dealt with the dreaded dullness that occurs in between services. Of course, there are many, many factors that play into the result of this; such as frequent sun exposure during the summer months, the use of an abrasive shampoo that may not have color-protecting agents, or even the type of water one has in their home. Cautious of color preservation sans shower? If you’re someone that can’t go a day without shampooing in hopes to preserve your mane’s vibrancy, here are some fancy gems that will be your hair’s best friend!







These sulfate-free formulas provide 33-50% less color fading for up to 40 days.


Has anyone seen The Hunger Games? Yes, I said it. Maybe not all of you have succumbed to viewing the most talked about young adult-cult book and film. Let’s just say the Diagonal Dutch Braid is now being labeled the “Katniss.” Braids remind us of our youth and the nostalgia of simplicity. They emit a subtle flare of sexiness combined with femininity and convenience: pull your hair to one side, braid it, and with a couple bobby pins, you’re ready for the day. Keep it loose and wispy, wrap it around and create a bun, or be ambitious and go for the milk-maid.





Most of us have had a bad experience at the salon. There is nothing like spending a lot of money on yourself only to find that your Agyness Deyn-inspired fringed bob looks more like a case of the “scissor-happys.” Can we say… Lloyd Christmas? The comparison may be a little overdramatic, but hey, it could happen. Whether it’s subtle or drastic, one can only hope that it never happens to them. On the other hand, if this circumstance is ever to arise, what do you do?

Well, the first thing to keep in mind is to speak up. If you’re not satisfied with your visit, NEVER feel guilty! It can be difficult to voice your disappointment or concern, but your stylist wants you to feel amazing when you walk out the door. Once you sit in the chair, you are relinquishing complete control, and that is why communication is key. Bring in photographs, magazine clippings, or even Google photos on your smart phone. Even if you’re entirely specific of what you want and you’re still not happy, or even mortified, Fringe’s stylists will do their best to accommodate you!

Rants, Raves, and Situations May 2012

Rants, Raves and Situations 

Rant: Your hair is transforming from the winter months to the spring and summer months, is it still dry?, is it starting to frizz out with the extra humidity?  All of our hair changes with the seasons and we know some different products to help with the changes! If your hair is still dry from the winter months, try a leave in conditioner with extra moisture, we suggest Kerastase’s Nectar Thermique, which we carry in the salon.  If your hair is starting to go “wild” with the upcoming humidity we have a product for that as well! Oribe’s Impermeable Anti-humidiy spray is perfect to keep those hairstyles in check!  At Fringe Hair Art  we have a variety of products to work with every different texture and moisture of hair!







Rave: Big, beautiful, and voluptuous hair is back in! This month we are “raving” about the high volume, big blowout look!  With either a short or long hairstyle, volume is the “style” to wear this season.  Pump up your formally flat mane with some of the great products we carry in our salon.  Oribe carries a Dry Texturizing Spray that completes the “blowout” look perfectly.  Book your blowout appointment at the salon today to see how our stylists can style your hair, big, bold, and beautiful.  The texture spray also comes in a purse size for on the go volume!












Situation: You can’t convince the man in your life to get a good haircut.  We have the perfect solution for that…buy him a gift certificate to our salon, this way he cannot refuse!  Our services for men include a hot towel facial wrap and complementary hand massage, a must have experience, followed by a haircut that suits their lifestyle.  The experience will be worth their while with an experience that is far more than a quick trim!  Men deserve to be pampered too!  So, come by the salon or call 207-967-8551 to purchase a gift certificate for the men in your life!


Rants, Raves, and Situations: March 2012


Rants, Raves, and Situations March 2012

Rant: Hair Thinning happens to all of us at one point or another in our lives, but it is

definitely not ideal. Thinning hair is quite common in both men and women for various

reasons, if this is happening to you, sit back, relax and read below for some solutions

that might help.

1. Opt for a new shorter haircut like a bob or pixie cut, this will eliminate the weight of the hair

and reveal a new voluminous style. Short hair styles make the hair appear thicker and lessen the need

for styling which could potentially contribute to damage.

2. A medium length, curly hair style also provides an all over bounce and make your hair appear

fuller and thicker.  Curly hair also allows hair to be layered without looking flat.  Using a product such

as Oribe’s Apres Beach, which we carry in the salon, on wet or dry hair to scrunch the hair is


3. If you are still wearing about cutting those locks shorter decide for a shoulder length straight style

that is cut on a horizontal line.  A straight across line effectively creatives the illusion of width.

Rave: In our salon, we carry the product line by Kerastase.  Kerastase recently launched a few new
products for thinning hair.  Clients and salons are raving about the new Specifique line.  Kérastase
Spécifique utilizes Gluco-Impulsion technologies that help restore the scalp’s natural balance.
1. Cleanse with the Bain Stimuliste shampoo for circulation and thinning hair or Bain Densitive, which
is a shampoo designed for anti-thinning.
2.Treat the hair with a ten step system intensive scalp treatment.  Ten treatments over a course of time
rejuvenate and help stop thinning of hair.
3. Protect the hair with a thickening and texturing spray before.  The Lotion Densitive
Spray is great for styling with heat.
Situation: Styling thinning hair can be a task in itself.  We have gone over styles that help hair appear
thicker and treatments to help nourish the hair starting at the scalp, but what about products to use when styling?
Kerastase and Oribe both carry products to use on damp hair before heat styling.  Kerastase carries a Volumactive
Spray and the Densitive Lotion discussed before, which are both products currently used by our stylists.  Oribe carries
 a few different options from a Maxamista Spray to a Royal Blowout Spray.
Stop by the salon or call with questions about our products and to book your next appointment! 
Our stylists recently attended an Oribe cutting class in Boston! Their skills and expertise 
are amazing! 967-8551 !

Rants, Raves, and Situations

Rants, Raves, and Situations: February 2012

Rant : You have just blow dried your hair with a round brush, but it doesn’t look like it did when you walked out of the salon, we have all “ranted” about this at some point.  We agree that blow drying

your own hair is difficult and nothing beats that in salon experience, here are some tips to accomplish this look.

1.  First towel dry your hair, get as much of the moisture out as you can.

2.  Next, choose a product that is right for your hair texture, if your hair is fine to medium textured use a light weight heat

protectant, if your hair is thick or curly use a balm or more moisturizing leave in conditioner.

3.   Start by sectioning hair and clipping as you work from back to front of the crown of your head.  Smaller sections will dry more quickly

4.   Using an ionic-ceramic blow-dryer with a concentrator attachment, aim the nozzle down the hair shaft to help close the cuticle as you dry. Run the brush through the hair as you dry it. Dry hair

completely—that’s important—but don’t over dry. To lock in sleekness, switch to the dryer’s cool setting after drying each section of hair.  During this step it is important to get that “just walked out of

the salon look” to hold the round brush with the sectioned hair around it for 15-20 second to let it cool before letting the hair drop from the brush.  This will prevent the weight of the hair to lose the curl

throughout the day.

5.   Finish with a light weight hairspray or shine mist so that the hair keeps the style and does not get weighed down by a product.  KERASTASE makes some great products for this look, we carry these

in our salon, call or stop by for questions! 207-967-8551


Rave: We loved all the different hairstyles this year at the Grammy Awards! From Taylor Swift’s soft and simple bun to Adele’s old hollywood glamour look, we are “raving” about them all.  Here

at our salon we have been trying some new ideas for up do’s, including braids, volume, and buns!  Whether you are planning a wedding, getting ready for homecoming or prom, or just going out to a

nice dinner our hairstylists can give you the look that you want!  Call our salon and book your appointment! 207-967-8551




Situation: We all know what its like to work an eight or more hour shift and go straight from work to a dinner date, but how do we make sure our hairstyle goes from classy work related day wear to

a flattering and elegant night style?  The easiest way to  deal with this “situation” to change your style from one look to the next is to curl it, says What Not to Wear stylist Nick Arrorjo. “Once hair is

curly, it’s locked together,” he says. “It’s so much easier to pull it back, twist the top pieces, or roll the sides back, because the hair is all in one piece.”  Try this the next time you have a two in one day

consisting of work and a dinner date!



Seven Hairstyles For When Your Growing Out Your Bangs

Haircuts with bangs were so popular this year, but they are not for everyone. Here are some different styles to help you transition flawlessly while growing out your bangs!

Blended In

The first phase of growing them out is obviously to let them grow! If you can deal with only being able to see some of the time, wear them down, blended into long layers like Nicole Richie’s.

Side Pony

Taylor Swift has major bangs, but they can still be pulled to the side and hidden in a pony. If you look closely, you can tell that her tresses are loosely braided to help hold them in place.

Pinned Over

This is the easiest way to get your fringe off your forehead. Simply pin it to the side with a bobby pin (or a jeweled clip if you’re feeling festive) for a pretty, retro style like Lea Michele’s.

Baby Braid

A front braid, like House‘s Jennifer Morrison’s, is ideal for securing short hairs. You’ll probably have some flyaways, so smooth them with hairspray when you’re done styling.

Choppy Cut

A blunt bob or lob (long bob) is a great cut for mid-length bangs. Shakira’s fringe is pushed to the side and mingles with her piecey cut.

Slicked Back

With the right amount of hairspray, you can always slick ‘em back into a ponytail like Olivia Wilde.


And if the spray doesn’t do the trick, add a simple black headband for a sweet style.

Read more: Growing Out Bangs Hairstyles – How to Grow Out Bangs – Cosmopolitan

To contact one of our knowledgable stylists please call Fringe Hair Art at 207-967-8551!