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Understanding Oil

Some of you have heard your stylist or someone you know say, “I haven’t washed my hair in three days,” and it looks shiny, textured, and healthy.  It is in no way showing signs of grime or grunge.  How can this be?  After one day of no shampoo, you have the hair of a hormonal teenager.  Even for those who have oily skin, it IS possible to overcome the oil overload. with dignity and no embarrassing bed-head.


Why is it good to shampoo less?  With the combination of hot water and frequent washing, your skin feels the effects even if you’re using an ultra-hydrating shampoo/conditioner combo. Just think of when your face gets dry in the winter time, your scalp is going through the same thing! Therefore, giving your hair a break will help keep your scalp and hair moisturized; it’s a win-win. Another thing to appreciate: after you’ve made it through a couple days, cleansing will feel amaaaaazing.

Things to consider:

 1.  Hair color conservation – frequent washing strips your hair of not only it’s natural oils, but your hair color!  Use Color Depositing Shampoos and Conditioners in between color services.  There are some for highlights as well!  Purple Shampoos like Shimmer Lights is easy to find while Davines has a wonderful color line but a little more expensive.

2.  Dry Shampoo has overthrown the “wash hair in the sink” routine – FINALLY you can buy them anywhere.  For those with oily skin, you’re in luck.  What also works great are texturizing sprays and adding a little volume amps up just about any style.

 3.  Work with your own schedule – do you wake up in the morning with perfect hair but by the time you get to work you’ve got the dreaded dreads?  Shower at night so your hair has a little oil but not as much.

4.  Attention Future Brides!  Hair is easier to manage, style, tame, and there’s less frizz when it’s a little on the greasy side.  Get a little dirty before your wedding night!

5.  Conditioners are great and in my own opinion, necessary!  If you’re a product and blow-drying queen, exposed to extreme weather, or basically breathe on a daily basis, you probably could use something a little more fortifying like a Protein Masque.  Protein is the key component for adding nutrients.  The best one so far:  Masque Architecte.  That’s all you need to know!

Hair Peace of the Sixties

 I am in love.  From Zoey Deschanel (who has been rocking the Boho Bangs for a while), to Edie Campbell for Burberry, I am inspired by the elegant subtlety of it’s charming resurrection.  Not only has it made its way to the runways once more, but it’s a simple look anyone can manage.



















Your Bridal Path to “Down-Do’s”

Weddings, weddings ladies!  My first time as a bridesmaid was this past summer and I didn’t have my dress until a week before.  Not knowing what your hair should wear is like not having shoes.  Whatever the schedule may be,  looking for up-do’s for your big day is something easy to glance at when you’re in between other tasks and making lists.  If you’re feeling rebellious, why not try a simple style with your half-up or all the way down with some loose curls?  Summer may be sweaty so keep some pins in your purse, and if you’re cutting a rug and feel the need to raise that mop up, pull it to the side in a low bun or tousled braid.  Not on a Rodarte budget?  Visit your local craft store and make your own hair accessory… great idea for a bridesmaid get together!


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