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Rant: Hairstyle Magazines are more like collages of hideous yearbook pictures

The following is my personal attempt at purchasing the above said item: I take a look at some of the cover photos and make sure to study every single publication. As I glance at the top shelf I say to myself, “Oh look, Blake Lively has a gorgeous Strawberry-blonde hair color, a long layered wispy cut with sweeping, angled bangs. I’ll bring the so-beautiful-it’s-sickening- Ryan Reynolds-stealing-b**** with me to my next salon visit.” I proceed to pick up the magazine to flip through. There are a couple semi-large photographs of other intriguing celebrity cuts and colors, (after the advertisements) which seem pretty promising. But wait, what are these oddly discolored, extra-terrestrial choppy, poor quality photos of hair tainting the majority of this book of deception?








I understand hair as an artistic medium but how many of us can and want to sport a do’ that resembles a dinosaur or even your child’s construction paper project? This is not to say every photo in hair magazines are impractical. Perhaps many of us simply refer to the typical fashion magazines when searching for inspiration. With that said, where can one find a “database” for every look in the book?


A Box of Goodies

Here’s one of my absolute favorites. It has just about any hair color under the sun, and they’re mostly posted with “before” and “after” photos. Hair color guru of Los Angeles Johnny Ramirez documents his transformations quite vividly with 360 degree shots. Thinking of going Ombré? This is THE place for it. On the left side of the page you can scroll and click on a large number of hues allowing you to browse and save as many as you need for your hair mood board.

The Cut, Uncut
This site gives you the latest in celebrity style trends, but what’s so convenient is that you can look at many styles of the same celeb, making it more accessible to examine your favorite famous hair.

RAVE: The Dish on Beautylish

This site is the ultimate package deal. First of all, it’s like a   Pinterest for everything beauty; hence its name. It has video tutorials. It has hair, nails, and make-up tips that cover all aspects of the beauty trade. For when you have a little time to spare, there are some very useful articles including product reviews and tips on trends. The site is clean, and browser friendly; the list goes on! One more thing: there’s also an app. You’re welcome!


SITUATION: Your outdated hair looks more like a pet

I remember as a child my mother convincing me feathered bangs were the latest trend. What she didn’t realize is that she was about to make a lasting psychological imprint on my self-image. I was in Kindergarten. One trip to Wal-Mart for some cheap family photos with a haircut that made me look slightly neurotic. Now I have this to haunt me:

This photograph should be studied or submitted to Awkward Family Photos. Have you ever considered whether you style your hair the same way you did twenty years ago? For some people, this is still beneficial. The 70’s boho is among a few looks that are still deemed acceptable and sexy, but what about the “trends” that will and should never come back? Our situation this week is the Aqua-Net Bangs. They’re still around! There must be some unwritten rule that when these species are spotted, one must tackle the carrier and spritz them with water, straighten, and then hold down until air-dry. How can you modernize a hair tradition, something you’re so attached to? First off, there are SO many ways to wear fringe. Angled, blunt, side-part, middle part, long, you name it. At your next hair appointment, have your stylist point out how your original style is cut while wet. He or she may have some very looks that are low maintenance, subtle, and hip. There are ways to alter something without drastically changing it. For example, instead of dousing your entire head, floor, mirror, and cat with aerosol, let those locks hang loose with some light product!

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